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How to Save Money Using Old Bananas

If your fridge is full of forgotten overripe bananas don’t be quick to throw them away. Believe it or not you can still eat them. Check out these quick and easy ideas taken from MyGreatRecipes to get the most of your unused bananas.

1.Banana bread

The first and most obvious choice when you want to reuse too ripe bananas is to make the classic banana bread. If you can’t prepare the banana bread right away put the bananas in the fridge. Let your imagination fly with these easy banana bread recipes- from peach coconut or blueberry coconut, double or triple chocolate to healthy banana bread, it’s all there!


2.Banana bread smoothie

The combinations with bananas when it comes to smoothies are numberless. Smoothie is a great healthy breakfast for you and your kids and it really doesn’t take too much time. For the real smoothie lovers here comes a fresh new sweet and creamy delight-the banana bread smoothie. You only need four ingredients and a blender. Freeze the bananas beforehand to get exquisite milk-shake taste.

3.Banana muffins

Muffins can be great as breakfast or a snack. The ripper the bananas are, the better the muffins. And the bananas are sweet enough so you don’t have to use too much of other sweeteners. Just a little bit of brown sugar will do. Besides the classic versions there are also delicious gluten-free, dairy-free or even vegan versions so you don’t have to feel guilty if you eat several of them even in the middle of the nightJ

banana bread pudding

4.Banana bread pudding

You know you can make amazing puddings with ripe bananas. Add milk, sugar, eggs and vanilla and whisk. The preparation takes a few minutes. Piece of cake! But..wait for it…you can also make e a banana bread pudding. Take some stale French bread (or cinnamon bagels), cover it with banana pudding and sprinkle with chocolate chips. Bake for about 30-35 minutes and voila! The heavenly dessert is ready.

5.Chocolate-covered banana pops

Here is a great summer treat that you kids will absolutely love. It doesn’t matter if the bananas are not so good looking because there will be chocolate to cover them and make them beautiful again. Put the bananas on popsicle sticks, freeze them overnight and dip them in melted chocolate. You can put sprinkles, m&m’s or nuts on top. Enjoy your home-made ice cream!

6.Banana bread pancakes

The pancakes marry the banana bread to create a wonderful sweet fusion. Made of very ripe mashed bananas and chopped pecans, that represent the classic banana bread, and combined with pancake mix, buttermilk and nuts, these banana bread pancakes are full of proteins. Add some honey or maple syrup and fruit (sliced bananas, of course, or blueberries, or any fruit of your choice) on top. There is a secret tip for extra fluffiness: add baking powder to the pancake mix.


If you still have overripe bananas in your fridge after this (which I doubtJ), I would recommend Pinterest as a go to place when it comes to overripe banana recipes.


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