Take Your Regular Tomato Soup Recipe up a Notch

When someone asks what’s your favorite summery dish, a tomato soup won’t exactly be your first choice. Well, as soon as you’ve finished reading this post I can guarantee it will become your go-to recipe this summer.

First of all, tomato soups are satiating. Top them with some cheese or fried bacon and enjoy a bowl of creamy pleasure. Second, they are affordable and third, and most important: preparing tomato soup recipes is a breeze!

What Should the Best Tomato Soup Include


Well besides the very obvious ingredient – tomatoes, your soup should also contain a liquid (this can be either water or broth). If you think about it, tomatoes contain plenty of water themselves, but to prepare a soup you would need a tiny bit more liquid. For this reason, you can choose anything from vegetable stocks to chicken stocks and light beef stocks even. Next, you can’t forget the herbs and flavorings. Regardless of whether you opt for basil, oregano, or veggies like garlic, onions, and carrots, make sure you use fresh ingredients. The soup will warm the herbs just enough for them to release lovely aromas that will make your kitchen smell like heaven and your tomato soup to be as delicious as ever.

What Type of Tomatoes to Use in your Tomato Soup Recipe

As I have already said, the right tomatoes are crucial for a tasty tomato soup. And while the blog post Ever wondered how to make a perfectly light tomato soup to enjoy this spring? Here’s how! contains plenty of useful information on everything connected to tomato soup, I couldn’t seem to find what types of canned tomatoes are the best for a tasty tomato soup. If you ask me, diced canned tomatoes are better than their whole cousins. The canned variety comes with basil leaves added into it, plus the tomatoes are peeled. Diced tomatoes are a better choice because they will dissolve more easily.

How to Achieve a Perfectly Creamy Vegan Tomato Soup


If you are a vegan, then the logical way to go about preparing a tomato soup is with a vegetable broth. However, you will need some kind of thickener to make your soup creamy. To achieve this creaminess, you could either opt for nutritional yeast (make sure you whisk and heat it in water) or arrowroot powder. If you opt for the latter, you will have to mix it with a cold liquid (either tap water or a non-dairy milk variant) and whisk it prior to adding to your soup.

The Best Way to Add Flavor to Your Tomato Soup Recipe

As I have already mentioned, chicken or beef stock are both very tasty options, but the latter is my favorite. However, there are plenty of other ways to bring your regular tomato soup up a notch. Say, by adding a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce. The anchovies this sauce consists of will strangely give the soup a meaty flavor instead of a fishy one J. Or if you are one of those who “like it hot”, adding a sauce like salsa to your favorite tomato soup recipe will render amazing results every time. Lastly, you can add pesto but only after the soup has been prepared. Add a tablespoon of pesto into each individual serving and enjoy a flavorful soup.


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